Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Pop-ups Book project

In this project we were given a text and was asked to make a pop-ups book.
After doing some research on illustration techniques, I did some brainstorming on the shapes of the book.
The text was,

Earth's Clock
Imagine that the earth was shaped twenty four hours ago
Then at 6 a.m. rains fell from the sky
To form the seas below
At 8 a.m. in these soupy seas
The first signs of life appeared
The dinosaurs calles twenty minutes ago
But at twenty to twelve disappeared
Man arrived just one minute ago
Then at thirty seconds to midnight
Raised himself from his stooping stance
And started walking upright
In the thirty seconds man's walked the earth
See what he's managed to do

by Pat Moon

The final product

I used coloured powder inks to create various background, then scanned and worked on them using Photoshop.

The shape of the book allows it to be a pop-up by itself.

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