Monday, May 29, 2006

Viva Las Vegas Project

In this project, I was working in a team of 4 students from different course choices. As the product designer of the team, I was in charge of designing a set of cocktail glasses for a bar area in a casino in Las Vegas.
First, as a team, we decided upon 3 ancient cultures for the theme of our project. Our choices were Japanese, Greek and Egyptian cultures. Then we researched on these 3 cultures and produce some images to represent these cultures.

Moreover, I did some research on cocktail glasses already available on market, both the basic models and the "twisted" models.

The next step was for each member of the team to choose an image from their research, then we all did brainstorming based on the 4 images we have chosen.

Upon selecting 3 designs that go as a set, final drawing and a prototype was produced.

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